Friday, April 10, 2009

Ongbak 2 -One Man Army

Me and my friend Viku went to see a movie today. We normally go to the theatres (clustered nearby) in dombivli and decide the movie we want to see. So we were confronted with a choice. To watch "Fast & the furious 4" or "ONGBAK 2 - One Man Army".... both available only in hindi. Our first parameter is always to understand which has more chance of disappointing us. Viku had seen one Tony Jaa (hero of ongbak 2) movie earlier. I had seen one Fast and the Furious 2. We discussed and came to the conclusion that ONGBAK 2 is a better bet !!

So ONGBAK 2 it was. Movie started with the credits. And everywhere we could see Tony Jaa's name cropping up. Be it actor, co-director, producer...everywhere. The movie sounded true to its name. Truly TONY JAA is a one man army !!!

We went for martial arts and action. And we got it in plenty. Coupled with the mysticism of Thailand it was a treat. The story was very predictable. I will tell it in a few words:

"Prince in dance school, befriends girl, King & Queen killed, prince flees, slave traders catch prince, prince shows courage, impresses dacoit, trains, becomes expert, demolishes every enemy, exemplary fights, kills villian who killed King, marries childhood sweetheart"

Same with every oriental martial arts movie, isn't it? Well there is a small twist at the end. And it is worth waiting for !! So i won't reveal that.

Camera was dull. So the movie was a bit hazy to see. Even commoners nowadays have better cameras to shoot. Or maybe it was because of the gloomy areas and weather of the places.

Every piece of action outdid the earlier one in the movie. Jackie Chan action seemed kids stuff to us after watching this movie !! The final fight with the elephant as the prop was terrific. We really felt there was possible chance of the actors getting killed.

The movie was pure. Tony is a martial arts expert. It is difficult for a director to bring out the full potential of such an expert. So Tony did a good thing by being involved in many aspects of the film.The movie is as raw as it gets. Full blooded action, martial arts stunts never ever seen before, virgin locales and a Thai treat. I am sooooooo satisfied !!!!!

Going to sleep now with a happy day in my kitty. Hoping that some miracle will happen during the night so that when i wake up in the morning i will be equipped to do some of the great stunts seen on screen. Yaa...i always dream such dreams ;) "ONGBAK 3 starring Ravi Ji" ;)

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